‘Are you an open-minded person?’
‘Are you determined to stop smoking for good?’

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, then the Positively Quit approach is likely to work for you.

Positively Quit is a unique, no nonsense approach to quit smoking. It starts with the observation that, while nicotine is addictive, it is not the one thing that prevents smokers from stopping. Instead, smokers have various latent beliefs and emotions about cigarette smoking. Some of these beliefs and emotions create significant barriers to quitting.

Consider two historical similarities: People used to think that the world was flat so that you would fall off the edge if you travelled too far. They also believed humans were physiologically incapable of running a mile under 4 minutes. Both were only thoughts / beliefs, yet they resulted in seemingly insurmountable barriers. Correcting these false beliefs led to new lands being discovered; running a mile under 4 minutes is almost routine today.

It is similar with cigarette smoking. Smokers have various erroneous beliefs about it. These incorrect beliefs and accompanying emotions have an effect on the smoker’s attitude and behaviour: They drive the smoker to keep smoking (and hence make quitting difficult). Correct them and quitting becomes easier!

This is just what Positively Quit does. In a nutshell, Positively Quit helps you stop smoking by:

  • Taking the confusion out of smoking cessation by correcting commonly held false smoking-related beliefs;
  • Providing you with effective tools and exercises that offer leverage so that much less effort and willpower are needed to stay off cigarettes;
  • Offering a step-by-step approach to quitting and then staying a non-smoker.

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